Choosing The Right Website Platform

Choosing The Right Website Platform

Once you have chosen what you are going to sell you need to consider the right website platform to use to make it a success.

Different platforms are used for different things and once you have established a store on one platform it makes it hard to just swap or change platforms.

So you really do need to look to the future of your business and make sure the platform you choose offers you with everything you need for future growth.

Here is a list of the main platforms and there general capability’s.

1) WordPress.
Opensource files for easy customization updates free regularly with lots of plugins.
General use, Multi Purpose. Excellent for Creating and writing articles, Establishing a community, Adding movies, selling products and providing information on your products services.
Good if you only sell a few products or services online otherwise better for just providing or collecting information.

2) Inspire
E-commerce website specifically built for selling products and providing all the e-commerce features you and your clients would expect.
This is for business expecting to sell thousands every year as it offers the best customer statics and ranks higher then other platforms.

3) PHP or turnkey script

Most Php scripts run with a mysql database and contain there own back end client /admin management.
Less favorable these days as to the bugs and problems you can run into without proper upkeep maintenance.



Html is still used every where but full html sites are quickly being replaced or converted to WordPress.
This saves the user downloading the html files editing them then re uploading the files, by converting to WordPress they are able to make the adjustments necessary live on the website.
Not good for selling lots of products or adding shopping cart. Html is still good for splash or cover pages.
There is more platforms out there but these are the only ones you should focus on to save you time and confusion.

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