Ask your self a million whys

Ask your self a million whys

Ok, so this is where you take the time to ask yourself a million whys.

Start with the easiest and rememberable questions first and then move onto the more strange what ifs.

I see you didnt list a millions whys. Why? good question No we didnt but you should take the time to ask yourself a million whys specific to your needs and cercumstance?

So to help you out i will start with the basic and move to more what if suggestions worth asking yourself.

Why do i want to do this?
Why do i need to do this?
Why did i choose this?
Why i Could do this over an over again.?
Why will it work?
And the what if’s.
What if it goes viral.
What if my methods dont work?
what if i run out of money?
what if i my back up plan dosnt work?


All these things are important for you to understand. You might think that you know the answer, but do you really?
Ask your self the questions out loud an on paper and see if you realy do know all the answers to move forward.


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